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Little Haven Cat Boarding


Little Haven Cat Boarding


Only 6 miles East of Kanab, Utah, Little Haven is a 10’ x 12’ air-conditioned/heated cabin with a 6’ x 6’ attached wired enclosure nestled in the trees that your cat(s) will love!


Little Haven has three large viewing windows from which your cats can observe our pond and all the local wildlife.а Your cat(s) will be able to look out but the windows are cat-proofed so looking is all they will be able to do!


Little Haven comes equipped with cat furniture, including beds, carpeted cat tree, scratching post and jumbo litter box.а There are shelves to perch on in Little Haven and staggered shelves in the attached wired enclosure.


Little Haven also has a web cam from which you can observe your cat(s) via computer as you travel.а We will supply you with the link and sign-in information if you want to use the web cam.


Space is extremely limited!!! Only one cat or same family of cats is allowed to board in Little Haven at one time.а Make your reservations early…your cat(s) will thank you for it.


Please completely read our Cat Boarding Policies prior to making your reservation.


You may download the Policies and Reservation Form here.


Call 435-644-8140 between the hours of 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Mountain Time to make your reservations.