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Our Home - I.C.U.

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Our ICU keeps a constant heat and humidity. We also have a separate humidifier and nebulizer that can be used with the unit. It has enabled us to temporarily (we normally leave a cat in the ICU for two hours at a time) treat a cat (or small dog) ill with upper respiratory infection by keeping them warm and giving them medication via the nebulizer.

We have learned how critically important it is to keep motherless kittens at a constant very high temperature and humidity. Keeping them covered with a blanket does not help because they are not generating enough bodily heat for the blanket to warm them. It’s also almost impossible to keep a constant heat with heating pads without burning the kittens. If young motherless kittens get cold they stop nursing/eating. If they remain cold, in a very short period of time, their digestive tracks completely shut down. At that point it is almost impossible to save them. The ICU unit can house a litter of kittens in comfort.


We purchased our ICU at Petiatric.com

Please contact us if you have any questions about the unit. We are so very pleased with it and find it to be a very worthwhile life-saving investment.