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Our Home - Isolation Room, Office & Enclosure


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Isolation Room
A sliding glass door with a cat-proof screen allows cats in isolation to view the action of the great room. Staggered wall shelves lead to a mouse-hole entering a sky-tunnel leading to the office.
Isolation Room

Isolation Room
Nova sits on a piece of cat furniture inside Isolation with Amy-dog peering in through the screen door.

Isolation Room
A king-sized bed, dotted with kitty tents, gives the isolation cats plenty of hidy places and napping spots.

Isolation Room
Most of the indoor kitty litter boxes are enclosed in large stenciled wooden boxes. The cats like the privacy and we like it that the box catches most of the litter scatter.

Isolation Room
The blue plastic mice hold cat food. The water fountain is a big hit.

Isolation Room
A wooden door with a cat door installed at the bottom leads out to the isolation room enclosure.

    The Office
    A cat friendly safe haven for Furry Friends Haven's president who occasionally needs a 'quiet get-away' in order to conduct the 'business' of running a safe haven for all the animals!

    The cats in the Isolation Room can enter the office through the sky tunnel mouse-hole. Staggered shelves here give them access to the workspace so they frequently help with my computer work!

    The Isolation Enclosure

Each of the enclosures has a tree that the cats love.

The wood of the enclosures is made of rough cedar that is fun to scratch.

Suzy sits outside of one of the wood cubby-holes..

    The cats love lounging and playing in their safe enclosure.

The sky boxes are a big favorite.

Feral Sherry has had enough outside fun. She emerges from the cubby and goes inside for a snooze on her king-sized bed..

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