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Cat and Dog Lifetime Pet Care


Cat and Dog Lifetime Pet Care

If, for some reason, you must give up your pet(s) or are planning ahead for your pet’s future, we do offer Lifetime Care on a limited basis. Please review the information below and contact us if you need more information or would like to discuss having your pet become a resident at Furry Friends Haven. 


Contact Jayne Reed for details


Type of Animals Accepted: Cats and Dogs (very limited).


Limit of Animal Numbers: Approximately 4 cats per year on average; 4-6 companion cats if we add an additional cabin for your cats (please see Little Haven this site); currently we have space for only two (2) extremely cat friendly dog.


Rates: Lifetime care – starting at $5000 per cat; starting at $5000 per dog; we currently have the space to add two additional cat cabins (see Little Haven on this site) at an additional starting cost of approximately $8500 for each cabin.


Temporary Monthly Care – We will consider temporary care on a case by case basis. The average monthly cost would be approximately $400.00 per animal.


Furry Friends Haven is a non-profit no-kill hospice incorporated in 2002. Located on over 2╜ acres in rural Southern Utah the majority of our residents are special needs cats with a minority few special needs dogs. Furry Friends Haven consists of 2100 square feet of inside space and 1300 square feet of attached cat enclosures. All of our residents are treated as family members in a home environment. We have a large number of elderly cats, as well as those with thyroid problems, diabetes, seizures, incontinence, physical disabilities, and personality problems. Because so many of our Furry Friends are ‘special needs’ we are experienced in giving shots, pills, and fluids whenever necessary as well as catering to special dietary and temperament requirements. We also have on hand a small ICU unit (see ICU this web site) which will house a cat, kittens, or small dog that allows for a constant temperature/humidity and nebulization as needed. The nearest veterinary clinic is only a 6 minute drive away.


If you prefer that your cat(s) not become a general population family member, then we do offer the option of adding a cabin exclusively for your cat(s). This option is available on a very limited basis and we are willing to discuss down payment and reservation options with you. As stated, Furry Friends Haven is a no-kill hospice. However, when the quality of life for one of our family members deteriorates to the point where there is more pain than pleasure, we ask a veterinarian to compassionately euthanize the cat or dog. Please take the time to review our web site to see if you think Furry Friends Haven would be a good home for your furry friend.