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Nova and Jenny were two feral kittens. They are still skittish with strangers but love their Furry Friends family.
Perched on one of the Isolation Rooms pieces of furniture.
Curled up on the scanner in my office.
Playing bookends in my office chair.
With their new sister, Andi, who is hiding.

Bleu was a stray who wandered around this area living by his wits for at least three years.
It is a tribute to his abilities that he survived being hunted by coyotes, bobcats and mountain lions.
Stories Two pictures of him shortly after his arrival.

In addition to being handsome and sweet, his job at the Haven is to care for all the new arrivals.

He gives them baths, shows them the ropes, plays and cuddles with them. I don't know what I'd do without him .

Stories Stories
Blue cuddles up with Nova and Jennie in these four pictures.


When I was very, very little I sort of remember living with some humans that didn't care about me. I remember not feeling very good. But one day I was taken to a new place where there was lots of food to eat and toys to play with..
(Shortly after these two pictures were taken Nikki stopped breathing. Mouth to mouth resuscitation and a flying trip to the vet brought him back to us.)

My Uncle Bleu encourages me to eat.

I'm feeling much better now and my Auntie Nova lets me share her cushion.

I'm pretty cute, aren't I?

Here I am playing tail games with my Uncle Bleu.

I bite his tail hard, hard!

Uncle Bleu growls gently at me and we wrestle!

Now Uncle Bleu gives me a bath.yuck!

I bite my Uncle Bleu's ear! I love my Uncle Bleu, he is so much fun.

I'm getting to be a big boy now! Auntie Amy-dog admires me.

Here I am all grown up and tucked in a bed.

I guess I should come out now?

Well, what do you think? Aren't I the most handsome cattie you have ever seen???

Raleigh came to the Haven because he is an expert fence jumper. However, he quickly found he could not jump the fence at
Furry Friends Haven because it is an underground electric fence. Two mild shocks taught him to stay inside the two acres he has to roam.

He is a very big dog but has a sweet and gentle nature.

Raleigh is very gentle with the cats. Annie is not at all afraid of him.

He has a very big bed that he loves.

Sometimes he shares his bed with a cat.

Sometimes the cats take over his bed and he
has to sleep in a small bed. He doesn't seem to mind.

Molly was abandoned when she was a young dog.

She can sometimes be very aggressive, especially if someone tries to steal her toys
Other times she is very, very gentle.

She loves running and playing in the snow.

Koby is a dog who it seems will never grow up. If there is mischief to be gotten into, he's at the head of the line.

If he's not involved in mischief, he's thinking about it!

He likes to sleep in the cat beds.

His favorite toy is his hedgehog. He is never far from it when he is inside.

Amy was abandoned as a small puppy. She is a very bossy dog who tries to manage and herd everyone. She is also prone to epileptic seizures.

Here is Amy as a puppy with Sandy (foreground) and Murrlin..

She is sleeping in Raleigh's bed with Jake one of our 3 FIV cats.

Amy waits outside the Isolation Room door to see who is coming out so she can herd them.

She has fun playing in the snow with Molly.

And she loves running around in the outside two acres.


   Fifteen year old Manx cats Tylor and Zing's person became ill and had to give them up. They ended up on death row in a small town 'dog pound'. Rescued by good-hearted people, they came to Furry Friends Haven. After several weeks of hiding under a bed, they realized they were safe and secure in a new home and are now enjoying their new lives.


When Mittens was 13 years old the person she lived with since she was a kitten died. At her first relocation home she withdrew completely and stopped eating and grooming. Her next stop was Furry Friends Haven.

After living securely under the bed in the Isolation Room for a month she finally felt safe enough to venture out. When she discovered the cat enclosure and bird watching her whole world opened up again. Mittens divides her time between the enclosure, sleeping on her soft bed, pacing the skywalks, and occasionally yelling to be let out into the rest of the house so she can check out the views from the other enclosures.

She is a dear, sweet girl who is really enjoying her second life at the Haven.


  Bart, Oliver and Gidget, along with Aggie came to Furry Friends Haven from a shelter in Las Vegas that was required to reduce their number of occupants. We believe we received the Best of the best from that shelter as all four are simply wonderful cats.

Bart and Oliver are just a tad overweight and can be a bit bossy when it comes to feeding time. They both are very intelligent and it.s fun to watch them figure out how to make things work. Gidget and Aggie are little loves who love to snuggle. All four melded into life at the Haven with great ease. During the day these Las Vegas city cats enjoy watching the wildlife. from the safety of their enclosures.



Five adorable kittens we fostered at Furry Friends Haven for nine days. We taught them to bottle feed and then passed them on to a wonderful foster home that socialized and weaned them.